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Plan A Group Chair Massage Event

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A mobile group chair massage event can be held during normal office hours or during a corporate event that is being held after hours. Use the tips below to plan a group chair massage session that will feature licensed massage therapists and support materials. 

A Chair Massage

A chair massage involves the use of a special chair that will allow a massage technician to access the head, neck, shoulders, and back. This type of chair contains a cutout that will allow a client to rest the front of their face while a therapist is administering the massage.

Some specialized massage chairs contain vibration features and an adjustment knob that will support reclining the chair or moving the seating area up and down.

A chair massage that is performed by a licensed therapist can be performed in a small office, a reception area, a conference room, or any other interior space that is located within a business setting.


A massage therapist may be licensed to perform Swedish massages, deep tissue massages, and sports massages. A therapist may also be trained to teach clients about stretching exercises and other ways to keep their muscles limber.

During your consultation with a representative of a company that features mobile massages, you will be able to inquire about all of the services that the technicians offer. The representative will inform you about the rates, massage session timeframes, and therapeutic products that are associated with each massage service.

Once you have provided the representative with details about the type of group event that you would like to host, you will be given some insight into how this type of event can be set up.


Let your employees know about the mobile massage that you are offering to them. If you are attempting to increase productivity in the workplace, schedule the mobile massage for a time that doesn't interfere with normal operations.

If the event will be held during a conference or another group event that isn't taking place during normal business hours, provide your employees with some information about what a mobile massage service will include. Use a signup sheet or an online signup process to determine how many of your employees are interested in receiving a massage.

Support Ideas

Think about some ways that you can support the group massage event. Providing bottled water and snacks or setting up a private massage area can make a massage session more appealing to your employees.

Contact a local mobile massage therapist to learn more.