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Can Thai Massage Make You More Flexible?

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If you've been looking for ways to improve your flexibility, Thai massage might be on your radar. This practice has been around for centuries and is believed to help the body increase its range of motion, reduce tension, and provide overall relief from physical discomfort.

Do you want to try Thai massage? Here's what you should know about how it can impact your flexibility and range of motion.

Thai Massage Impacts the Muscles, Joints, and Fascia

The primary way Thai massage impacts your flexibility and range of motion is by treating the muscles, joints, and fascia.

During a typical session, the massage therapist will use their hands, elbows, and feet to press on these parts of your body in a rhythmic pattern. This helps break up adhesions, release tension, and increase blood flow.

Thai Massage Uses Stretching Techniques

In addition to pressing on the muscles, joints, and fascia, Thai massage also incorporates stretching techniques. These stretches help loosen up the muscles and increase flexibility.

During a Thai massage session, your massage therapist may use specific yoga-like postures to put you into positions of increased flexibility.

They may also use rocking and pulling techniques to further improve your range of motion. You'll be able to get deeper into each posture with these techniques, which can lead to increased flexibility over time.

Thai Massage May Reduce Discomfort from Exercise or Injury

In addition to improving flexibility and range of motion, Thai massage may also be beneficial for relieving discomfort from exercise or injury.

The techniques used during a session can help reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and relax tight muscles. As a result, you may see your motion improve in that way as well.

Thai Massage Helps You Avoid Overstretching

Lastly, Thai massage can help you avoid overstretching. If you try to increase your flexibility on your own, it's possible to push your body too far, which can lead to injury.

During a Thai massage session, the massage therapist can help guide you into stretches that are safe and effective, rather than trying to push your body beyond its limits.

Meet Long-Term Flexibility Goals with Regular Sessions

For the best results, make sure to get regular Thai massage sessions. This will help you meet your long-term flexibility goals and ensure you're safely stretching your muscles.

If you've been dealing with decreased flexibility from an injury or illness, talk to a massage therapist for more information about Thai massage.