What is ninja?

A ninja literally means a person in hiding or in disguise. Ninjas are independent people who live and train in remote mountain villages. Feudal lords often hired them to secretly gather strategic information and assassinate their enemies. There were once more than 70 ninjas in Japan, including the famous Iga and Koga schools, but as Japan became a peaceful country under the Tokugawa shogunate, the ninja gradually disappeared.
In TV dramas, ninja use weapons such as shurikens, throwing knives, kusarigama, scythes and chains to fight enemies and use ninja skills such as disappearing into thin air or walking on water. A ninja is also an individual or group of individuals who use ninjutsu (the art of the ninja). Ninjas have infiltrated enemy strongholds in order to gather information or destroy them. Ninjas disguised themselves to avoid detection or confused the enemy by spreading false information. The true mission of the ninja is said to be to avoid futile battles and prevent wars. Ninjas are believed to have possessed extensive knowledge and superior athleticism, and their use of jujutsu (supernatural powers that harnessed the power of gods and spirits) allowed them to use seemingly impossible powers. Due to the nature of the ninja, few people have seen them clearly and there are few official documents detailing their activities. The existence of the ninja is shrouded in mystery, and little is known about their actual existence. There were many schools of ninja. There are also many theories about the origins of the ninja, but one theory is that a force of rogues rebelled against the authorities at the time and emerged, improving their own fighting techniques and developing them into a ninja art in areas without government control.