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Cleansing is good for you!

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I recently completed a liver cleanse, Dr. Schulzes’ 5 Day Liver Detox Program , and feel amazing!   I  hadn’t done a cleanse for some time and so felt I needed some recharging.  Spring is a great time for cleansing, although it’s ideal to do them several times a year, as the seasons change.  Aside from Day 1, I had tons of energy and felt great almost the entire time.  But on day 1 of the juice fast I was irritable, emotional, short tempered, and angry.  At first I thought the anger came from depriving myself of food, because I HATE depriving myself of food!  But feeling angry is normal while cleansing the liver because this is the organ associated with anger and it is often held here for a long time.  So it makes sense that cleansing the liver will release feelings of rage that seem to come out of nowhere!

But back to the positive…I had tons of energy, increased mental clarity, and felt blocked energy being moved.  This is why cleansing is a great time to start a new project, or finish one that you’ve already started,  get creative, and really do some self reflecting.  It left me feeling refreshed, happy, and energized.  And I also came up with some yummy new juice recipes!

Cleansing the liver, in particular is important because it’s the largest solid organ in the body, and is the ultimate detoxification organ.  We live in such a toxic environment in this country today, so cleansing now is more important than ever. No matter how clean and healthy we eat, it is nearly impossible to completely avoid toxins and chemicals from entering our bodies.  Everything that we eat, drink, and breathe is digested and travels to the liver first before entering the bloodstream.  It’s like a filter for the body, so it needs to be cleaned, and taken care of so that it doesn’t stop working!

If you are thinking of a cleanse, or even if you are not, I highly recommend checking out Dr. Schultzes’ website,  He also offers a Kidney Cleanse, a Bowel Detox, and a bunch of other really great products, and a wealth of information.