Kristen Nelson LMT Owner

Kristens’ journey on the path to healing began during her many years spent in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  It was initially her love of yoga that sparked an interest in learning more about the human body, and the connection between physical health, the mind, and spirit.  This is what prompted her to attend The Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado in Denver.  It was here that she was opened up to a whole new world. During her year in massage school, Kristen began to notice positive changes in her body, both physically and mentally, which led to a greater alignment in all aspects of her life.  She experienced an openness, and acceptance like she hadn’t before, and many positive shifts began to take place.  She realized massage has the power to heal on so many levels.  Kristen practiced for a couple of years in Colorado, but had dreams of island living.

After several visits to Hawaii, Kristen had found her new home and decided to make the move to the North Shore of Oahu in 2012.  She feels that the aloha spirit really resonates with her, and the beauty and magic of these islands cultivate growth and healing.  Her integrated technique helps clients get relief from chronic pain and recover more quickly from injury.  She has a talent for making Deep Tissue Massage comfortable yet still effective, always putting her clients at ease.  She also loves to incorporate essential oils in her treatments.  Her goal is to help you relax, alleviate pain and stress in your life, promote self healing, and to heighten your awareness about maintaining your heath and well-being.

Island Bliss Massage also has several other rockstar, guest therapists on our team!  We welcome large groups and couples massages which require extra hands.  All of our massage therapists are professional, friendly, and highly skilled with many years of experience, offering a diverse set of healing therapies.

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